Back to School

As we head into a difficult back-to-school season, we wanted to share some new youth content that may be helpful for you and your youth!

  1. WEB CONTENT: We have completely overhauled the Kids, Teens and Young Adults section on There are sections written for caregivers of children and sections written for teen and young adult audiences. Topics include when/how to ask for help and how to get it, what to do in crisis situations, how to talk about mental health, mental health and school, and so much more. Check it out!
  2. EDUCATOR RESOURCES: We released a one-page “Back-to-School Wellness Guide” as well as social media post for educators (original graphic assets here) to prepare them for what their students may have experienced over the last year, how to support them, and how to take care of themselves, too. We encourage you to share, especially if you have NAMI Ending the Silence school contacts.
  3. CAMPUS RESOURCE POSTER: NAMI shared a poster (also attached) that can be used on school campuses with a handy QR code and tear-aways with essential mental health resources, including the NAMI HelpLine. Through the QR code, students can save these numbers right to their phones’ contacts. Please consider sharing with campuses in your communities!
  4. YOUTH ON SOCIAL MEDIA: We continue to engage youth ambassadors on social media, including posts like this TikTok from Jeremy Fine with his tips on going back to school. Please share!
  5. ONLINE CONVERSATIONS: As part of NAMI’s #NotAlone conversation series, NAMI’s Chief Strategy & Operations Officer Sherman Gillums, Jr., spoke with a teen, their parent and a high school teacher about their expectations, preparations and hopes for the upcoming school year. Please share on your channels!