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Youth Mental Health Resources

NAMI Central Oregon Youth Resources

NAMI Ending the Silence

NAMI Youth and Young Adult Resources

  • Youth and Young Adult Resources offers practical materials for parents, educators, teens, and young adults in English and Spanish.
  • Back to School Resources offers an updated comprehensive youth mental health resource library.
  • School Break Resources give helpful suggestions on how to keep structure at home when students have breaks from the classroom. The resources include fun activities and suggestions for traveling.
  • Trusted Adult Resource helps to prepare adults for when a young person approaches them for guidance and support. It is also available in Spanish.

NAMI Basics

  • NAMI Basics is an education class for parents and caregivers concerned about their children’s mental health.

NAMI’s Child Welfare Resources

  • Support youth in creating and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Guide families on traumatic experiences in the child welfare system and how to support children in their care.
  • Assist child welfare support staff in recognizing the behaviors that may come with traumatic experiences as well as suggestions for how to build a trauma-informed environment.

NAMI is committed to supporting kids and those who care for them at home and school. We hope these resources help you.