Where To Find Help

When a behavioral health disorder emerges or becomes a crisis, very few families know how to respond or where to turn for help. Even for seasoned NAMI members, the journey can be frustrating. But NAMI members know recovery is possible for many individuals living with mental illness. In fact, recovery and stability should be expected for most people, even though recovery will look vastly different for each person depending on the severity of their symptoms.

If you or your family is frustrated and struggling to find answers, turn to NAMI. Reach out. We know firsthand your experiences and can provide a fountain of knowledge. You are not alone on your journey.

Generally, there aren’t any magic or easy answers for individuals and families who are struggling. But there is support and education — and hope. We at NAMI know exactly what you’re experiencing because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

Contact NAMI Oregon’s Helpline at 503-230-8009 or 800-343-6264.