Program Leader Training

Would you like to teach a NAMI program, facilitate a NAMI support group, or share your story? Check out upcoming program leader trainings.

August 27 & 28: Family-to-Family Teacher TrainingApplication & Schedule

September 23-26: Connection Support Group TrainingApplication & Schedule

October 22: In Our Own Voice Presenter TrainingApplication & Schedule

October 29 & 30: Basics Teacher TrainingApplication & Schedule

November 12 & 13: Family Support Group Facilitator TrainingApplication & Schedule

Program Leader Information – NAMI Oregon

  • These trainings prepare volunteers to lead NAMI programs. For course and support group programs, only those who have completed the NAMI course or currently attend the NAMI support group are eligible to become instructors and facilitators. If you are interested in getting involved in one of our programs for the first time, contact your local NAMI affiliate.
  • All trainings are being conducted via Zoom until further notice. Trainees should attend trainings using a laptop or desktop computer and not a mobile device, and do so from a quiet space where interruptions and distractions will be minimal.
  • The In Our Own Voice presenter training lasts one day (Saturday); the Connection and Family Support Group facilitator trainings can be scheduled as either two full days or four half-days; and the Peer-to-Peer, Basics, and Family-to-Family teacher trainings last two days (Saturday and Sunday).

For More Information

Peter Link, Education Programs Manager
NAMI Oregon – Program Leader Information
503-230-8009, ext. 201