Advisory Committees

Affiliate Advisory Committee Board to NAMI Oregon- 2019

Operational Members (Voting):
Eileen White, Family Support & Ending the Silence facilitator; prev. NAMI-CO Sec & Education Co-Chair
Vice-President: Karyn Kotkins, Chair: Family Education & Support: Family-Family & Homefront Instructor; Ending the Silence facilitator, Education Co-Chair
Member at Large: Bud Manley, Family Support Group Facilitator; Compassion Committee Co-Chair
Acting Treasurer: Marcy Ruffo, Advocacy Team Co-Chair,  Community Education Series Co-Chair; Peer Education & Support Co-Chair
Member at Large: Stephanie Carbone, Communications Co-Chair
Member at Large: Kelly Garl, Special Event Chair
Member at Large Stephanie Sahleen, Community Education Series Co-Chair
Recording Secretary: Elise Gross (non-voting)

Advisory Members (Non-Voting):
Roger Olson:
former NAMI-CO Pres., Co-Chair Compassion Committee; Email Chair
Shannon Brister:
DCBH team- youth services
Scott Bury:
Utilization Management Specialist – Pacific Source
Brittney Wiggins:
(Pacific Source; alternate for Scott)
Joel Wirtz:
Public defender, Crabtree, Rahmsdorff Attys.
Margaret Kuehn:
Dept. of Veterans Affairs- Suicide Prevention Coordinator
St. Charles Healthcare
Nicole Gricius: St. Charles Healthcare (alternate) 
Jake Chandler & Abby Levine:
Bend Police Dept.-CRT & (Michelle Wallace, intern)
Melissa Koschnitzke:
Telecare Corp.
Lindsay Hamilton:
alternate for Telecare

Committee Chairs (Non-Voting):
Nunzia Troutman: Volunteer Chair
Becky Dolf: Peer Education & Support Chair